Tuesday, March 14, 2006

fuN iN cHonGKaK!!

We took the opportunity to go to Chongkak after Intan's wedding.. an hour or two - to relax & unwind.. The rest didn't join us; it would be too far for Aida & Eija.. Gee had to help his mother to make some kueh ;P...

Monday, March 13, 2006

Wedding Bells: Intan & Husband

The latest news of our friend: Intan & Husband has been officially married & the reception was held at a dewan in Kajang on the 12th March 2006. The card was sent to me earlier but I only got it last week cause the address was to my mom's place. And with a few last minute phone calls.. & discussing.. I was finally in Kajang with the others :) pheww!So, here is one of the picture that has been taken from the reception and last but not least.. I would like to wish Intan & Husband congratulations!..and may your life be fullfill with blessings & happiness from HIM till the end. Amin..

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