Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Shah & Sharina: The Addresses

Assalamualaikum Everyone...

Sorry again that I didn't post their addresses as promised. I keep on forgetting to bring the card to the office :P

Anyway, here are the details. Please do give the couple a call if you need any further information, ya!

Sharina's Place:

Date: Sunday, 29th January, 2006

Address: No. 22 R, Batu 6 1/2,
Kampung Tengah,
53100, Gombak,
Kuala Lumpur.

Shah's Place:

Date: Saturday, 4th February, 2006

Address: 970 Mukim 5,
Sungai Semambu,
14000, Bukit Mertajam,
Pulau Pinang.

If you need the maps, you can email me at feelindeep@yahoo.com

Have a nice day!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Shah & Sharina: A Wedding Invitation

Okay guys.. I've posted the invitation card. The couple is inviting all friends & lecturers of Btec HND Business & Computing '00. Ermm.. I dun think you can read the card, eh? If you click on the photo above, probably you can see it in a larger image...I do not have the copy with me right now (as I uploading it)... I will post the complete *readable* addresses tomorrow.. okie! Have a nice day!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Raya + Weddings! + Happy New Year!


Hai guys.. ya i know..it's been sooo long that i have not updated this blog.. I'm just so busy with work... and I believe everybody else too ;) After being nagged by Megat.. (hehe) here are some news happening from last year..

In November - The raya month..

I did a small gathering at my house @ Segambut, KL

Those who were there?
Gee, Skin + his fiance; Nina Chantek, Aizan, Nina (Hasni), Ina (Johor) + family, Mazuin + Husband, Nizam, Haz, Syarul, Megat, Ina C.D + her fiance; Mail and last but not least Pn. Siti!!!

And yes i got a lot of complaints for the direction to go to my house.. hehe..It was complicated :P But then, they manage to reach there on time dispite of being lost and it was raining heavily earlier.. :D I can say that we all enjoyed the gathering, chit chatting and to have Pn Siti there with us; we felt great to see each other!!!

And for the rest who didn't join us.. there will always be some other time.. Those who are still not in contact with us... pls..pls..pls email us.. or call us so that we know how to get to you..

December - Weddings!!

Skin + Nina Chantek got married on the 4th of DECEMBER 2005.. The "akad nikah" was held on the 3rd DECEMBER 2005 after Isya'k...

Who were there?

Aida + family, Ana + famili, Nomi + Husband, Gee, Mail, Ina C.D, Haz, Syarul, Nizam, Megat, Me + my hubby and others.. (I did not meet up with everyone of them though.. i had to go back early..)

Great wedding, lovely foods! Oh.. and they had Saiful Nang for their wedding photos!! Gorgeous photos I must say.. go to http://saifulnang.fotopages.com/ to take a look at some of the pics.. find pics dated on the 4th DEC 2005. You can also see some of the pictures taken by Aizan, in my personal fotopages at

Please feel free to browse through :)

January 2006 - Happy New Year & more weddings coming rite up!!

Yes.. we will be attending more weddings this year.. The first wedding of the year? SHAH + INA!! - lama tau nak menunggu nasi minyak dari pasangan bahagia ni..( I am not sure if I can actually say this, but i guess tak apa kot ;) heheh... Ina ngan Shah musti la jemput semua orang - dah tanya kat Shah pon. Tarikhnyer kalau x silap on the 4th Of FEBRUARy ni.. but anything, just wait for the card lah, eh?

Okay lah.. I guess that's just the updates for now.. Sila-sila lah berikan komen yer. Kepada sesiapa yang ingin contribute any article or to update any news..please feel free to do so.. email me at nurul.hasanah@gmail.com. Nak upload sendiri pun boleh, tapi email saya dulu, nanti akan diberikan details nyer..

Nak no contact Pn Siti pun boleh! (hehehhe free2 jer iklan untuk dier.. ) Jangan marah yer Pn Siti!

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